Sam Silbiger is a playwright from Philadelphia, based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Their plays include Pound (Finalist for the 2019 Relentless Award), Six Years Old (Corkscrew Festival, Bushwick Starr),The Geologist (The Tank), Minor Triad (Sitka Fellows Program), and Polycule (Little Theater @ Dixon Place.)


They have helped develop new work with organizations including Soho Rep, Ars Nova, Target Margin Theater, WP Theater, The Bushwick Starr, This Is Not A Theater Company, and many wonderful + brilliant independent artists.


They also arrange songs, write monologues, and perform with the band Go Home.


Pound has been named a semi-finalist for

The 2019 Relentless Award

Six Years Old is now available through DPS

"Six Years Old is a gem of a play… special and different... [it] treats all its characters, including the fascinating children, evenhandedly and with an odd dignity making the play a vivid character study."

(c) Sam Silbiger, 2020